Installation of VRV / VRF systems at: Commercial Buildings, Bungalows. We work alongside,
Direct Clients, Architects, M&E consultants, Structural engineers, RTOs, Builders, Sub-contractors

Replacing worn out or damaged parts
Cleaning Cooling Coil
Cleaning of Condenser Coil
Changing of Compressor
Cleaning of Compressor Fan Motor
Sealing Gas Leaks

Cleaning of Fan Motor, Fan Blade, Fan Blower
Washing of Air Filter
Replacement of refrigerant gases & compressor oil
Cleaning of Drain Pan
Flushing Drain Pipe
Checking Switch and Accessories
Calibrating Thermostat

Consumer Tips


You should get your air-con checked or serviced every 3 months.
A well serviced air-con not only produced cooler and cleaner air, but also improves energy efficiency.
When purchasing a new air-con, first think about the usage. Will it be frequently used? How big is the room it has to cool? Are there many heat generating objects in the room i.e. large TV or a room with lots of direct sunlight. Using an air-con that is too powerful or undersized is both bad for the users and the machine.
If your air-con is leaking, it could be because the drainage pipe is choked with dirty particles.
Is your air-con blowing hot and cold? It could be a faulty outdoor condenser unit’s fault